Jorma Prime review in dagogo

Jorma Prime interconnect review in dagogo, January 2010 by Fred Crowder. “The Primes are by a considerable degree the most resolving cables that I have used. By the same measure, they are also the lowest in noise.” Read the full review here. 20 July 2019 Jorma Duality & Trinity review […]

Jorma Prime review in Fidelity

Jorma Prime review in Norwegian Fidelity, Vol. 28, No.5 by Knut Vadseth. “the Rolls Royce of cables, and not only for their extremely exclusive sound quality, which offers both weight as well as a calm and polished listening experience.” Read the full review here or view magazine scans in Norwegian: […]

Jorma Prime review in Positive Feedback

Jorma Prime review in Positive Feedback issue 24 by Robert H. Levi. “With more definition than even solid gold interconnects—in fact, more than that of every other interconnect I’ve heard—the Jorma Prime interconnects, especially in combination with the Jorma Prime speaker cables, are state of the art!” Read the review […]