Jorma Duality & Trinity review in

Jorma Duality & Trinity review by Christiaan Punter. “I’ve been a fan of Jorma cables since the first moment I heard them. Even more so than before, the new models combine audiophile aspects such as transparency, resolution, and transient speed with an utterly natural and organic delivery that is entirely […]

Jorma Duality – Audio Accessory Gold Prize 2018 Award

Jorma Duality Awarded Gold Prize of the Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2018 – Japan “The core series of Jorma cables are significantly upgraded. You can say this has rather a high cost performance because it is the cable comparable with the higher-ranking series in term of freshness and number of […]

Jorma Duality – Audio Accessory Excellence 2018 Award

Duality interconnect cable awarded the Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2018 “The image of sound stage covers a wide range and reproduces reality of a concert hall.” 20 July 2019 News from Japan Our distributor in Japan CS Field Associates just sent us these photos from all the shows he exhi… […]