Premium audio cables

We make cables for home audio – we’ve been doing this for twenty years. Simply put, we create premium cables for high end home systems. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but we like to keep things simple.

made in sweden



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Swedish designed and built.

With Scandinavian design sensibilities, we create and build cables in Sweden, using fine materials and market-leading components.

For demanding systems

To get the best out of your music, the cabling must be of equal measure to your hi-fi system. Our cables work transparently with your set-up, protecting the signal without adding anything to the sound.

Elite as standard

Our premium cables cater to the taste of discerning audiophiles worldwide. From the flagship Jorma Statement through to entry-level Jorma Trinity, our cables are perfectly pitched to your needs.

Less is much more

We have a minimalist approach to design, reducing elements that are unnecessary or detrimental to the purity of your music. Our attention to problem-solving defines the use of materials and technology.

Find a cable

Select a cable type to find out which series is available.
  • Loudspeaker Bi-wired
  • Loudspeaker Bi-amp
  • Loudspeaker Single wired
  • Interconnect
  • Power
  • Phono 5-Pin DIN
  • Digital 75 Ohm
  • Digital 110 Ohm

Jorma Ethernet

Get high-speed ethernet with enviable crosstalk, low dampening and low digital distortion.



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