We have six series of analogue cables, all top of the range.

Power Chords

Our power cords comes in four different executions with plugs
that fit both US and Schuko standards.


Our digital cables comes with several different connectors.



Awarded Gold Prize of the Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2018 in Japan.

"The core series of Jorma cables are significantly upgraded. You can say this has rather a high cost performance because it is the cable comparable with the higher-ranking series in term of freshness and number of sound."

Duality interconnect cable awarded the Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2018.

"The image of sound stage covers a wide range and reproduces reality of a concert hall."

Duality is the upgraded replacement for our classic No.2 cable. It makes use of the exact same materials but the quality is pushed as far as possible within the budget. The pricing is similar to No.2. In the twelve years that has passed since we released No.2, technology has further developed and of course Duality employs this which is the same as in Statement, with a little simplification. The cable is in four parts.

We take the time that is needed to fully develop new models, therefore our cables endures and will stand the test of time.



Duality RCA


Duality RCA


Duality XLR


Duality XLR


Duality single wire speaker cables